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⁣She may always shoot Chamber down, but it seems Viper has more interest in Chamber than she lets on.
The files contain closed captioning for the voices. I cut the intro out of the No Male version as it looks awkward with no dialogue from the male.
Sorry for no updates this month! But here's the Viper animation :) <3 Enjoy!

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⁣Beach Vacation with Sage~

I been hard at work with learning rigging/modeling stuff. I also got my hands on photoshop so I can do a little texture work too. So far I am on track to porting my own models. They are definitely not good, but I have to keep practicing until they get good. I got to experiment with animation data transfers between my models as well. Not bad for a first try. This animation has a Jett variant as well. I plan to retroactively add variants for all the new agents I'll port from Valorant. Thank you for your continued support and please look forward to my next work!

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⁣Beach Vacation with Neon~

Managed to finish this on time. Thankfully I have time off from work due to Covid, but that also means I can't work as hard either. My model ports are still really janky and definitely not at the level that I want yet.

I ran into a major issue with this neon model which unfortunately broke my other models when I was trying to transfer the animation data. The only way to fix it is to remake the entire Neon model from the ground up which unfortunately takes a long time. Due to this issue, I will likely not be making variations of this animation using other models. Sorry! I resolved with issue with the Reyna model I just ported though so that's good.

This month was definitely slow; however, I have a lot planned for October so look forward to it! Enjoy Neon at the beach~

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