Kara Fucked From Behind

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⁣Kara Fucked From Behind

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odysseyofnoises 8 months ago

Very nice! I just love the way he fucks her slowly and she subtly turns her head. It's sooo beautiful how he then reaches out to playfully cup Kara's adorable face, and then she looks back at him with a look of pure love in her eyes. Also, I could be mistaken, but it sounds like there's some sort of washer/dryer sound in the background of this animation? In that case, maybe the story behind this clip is that it shows a quick fuck while Kara is waiting for the laundry. Either way, you can just tell how deeply this couple is in love just because of the way he handles her and how she responds. (I just can't imagine it's Todd shown here, lol.)

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KaraSimp 1 year ago

I'm so in love with Kara... she's so pretty!

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