Lightning Farron Cum on Face - Final Fantasy

Published on 07 Jun 2020 / In Cumshot

Lighting Farron Cumshot - Final Fantasy
⁣I kneel under you ... under your cock and your bulging balls and have only one goal that you will have the cumshot of your life. For days I have been working on your psyche and making you horny so that your eggs produce more and more sperm and you can hardly walk. Now the time has come ... finally you can get rid of the pressure. Stand in front of my face and my big tits and let your perverse dirty talk work your brain so hard that you can hardly wait to cum ... this orgasm will be the most violent you have ever experienced. It will build up very slowly and even before you come, the first sperm drops will hit my face ... there will be more and more, until suddenly you suddenly have a super orgasm and injects so much sperm into my face that I look like after a 20 man gang bang. Your balls will hurt from spraying, I guarantee you ... this will be the most blatant spraying experience of your life!

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