Kvaz 14 Jul 2020

Rachel Amber rough fucked by 2 Guys


Rachel Amber rough fucked by 2 Guys
⁣VIOLENT, that was really the most violent double cunt blasting hardcore madness I have ever experienced! I've been through a lot as a hobby whore, but this time it was really blatant. I was ordered by two fuckers, they wanted to fuck something really hard. I was really happy, because I always find 2 cocks horny. But what happened next was really violent. The two fuckers literally disassembled me and hammered their hard cocks into my mouth. When the beating was really plump, they wanted to fuck me. So I sat on a tail and rode it off. Suddenly the other fucker came along and I immediately had 2 big fat cocks in my cunt. 2 beating are almost like defloration, but I was soaked with lust. They rammed the tails again and again violently and fucked me without any ifs and buts and AO in the whore cunt. They changed and fucked me at the same time until they just exploded!

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